Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Down Another 3.7

It was not as much as I would have liked but I am still going down. Almost 30 pounds in three weeks is not a bad start. I have another 30 or so and I will be under 300 for the first time in a long time. I am not losing as fast because I just don't have the time to workout as much as I used to. If I get in 30 minutes a day it is a victory.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Almost 25 Pounds in Two Weeks

Week number two is in the books. I only lost 5.4 pounds this week. That was not real exciting. However, I have been told that it might pick back up next week. Looking back over this blog I see that on the second week years ago, it was also the lowest amount I lost the whole program. With that said I expect big big things next Tuesday.

I can tell that my shirts are a little more lose and I already have a little more energy. I will update further upon my weigh in next week.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


First week of the program and I lost 19.1 pounds. That is one more pound than I lost on the during the first week last time. That is more than I expected because I have not had the time to get as much physical activity in as the last time I did the program. However, I have been walking about 2 miles every other day.

Unlike the last time I did this program I don't have as much time to blog. At this point  I have not even made my blog public again. I am not telling a lot of people I am doing this again. I think I am a little embarrassed that I gained so much weight. I also don't want to make a big deal about it. All I am doing is trying to get where I should be. However, I like to chronicle the weight loss and put it out there just in case it might help one other person decide to try to get healthier. As my weight goes down I am hopeful that my blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure will go down as well.

I look forward to updating you on another loss next week. Last time, the second week loss was 7. I hope to be close to that once again.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Joy in the Journey

“My best is yet to come.” That phrase originated during a run as part of a process that resulted in me losing over 145 pounds to get healthy. At the time it meant that I would no longer rely on memories of the good old days, when I played a little football, to be the crowning athletic achievement in my life. Later, those words started the essay I wrote during my law school admittance process. When I wrote those words I wanted to emphasis to those who would be reading my essay that I planned to do better in law school and my career than I had previously. It was not that my life was not full and exciting enough at the time. I just wanted them to know that no matter how great the past was, I was ready to make the future better.

            I lost all that weight in 2006, almost 7 years ago. Over the last 7 years I have continued to be blessed by a beautiful wife and two awesome children. I have had great friends and church homes. I have been able to complete law school and currently have the privilege to practice with wonderful people at the largest firm in Arkansas while helping to open our offices in Jonesboro.

            Unfortunately, I have gained much of that weight back. However, I still believe my best is yet to come. I started the same program here in Jonesboro that helped me lose the weight the first time yesterday. I have a long way to go, about 130 pounds to lose but it is a matter of health. I am not getting any younger and I am certainly not getting any healthier at this stage of my life by doing the things I am currently doing. I get healthy for my family, to be around long enough to practice law to have made it worth it to go back to school at 32 and to engage in the activities that we enjoy like swimming and hiking and bicycling. I can’t sit around and tell stories about running the Music City Half Marathon, or the Chicago Marathon or the triathlons I competed in years ago. To get healthy again, my best must be yet to come.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Running Down a Dream, The Sequal

I read a blog post today from July 30, 2007. I titled it “Running Down a Dream”. It was about a long run that Kim and I did. Someone had stolen our water from our first stop and it was one of the hottest and humid nights we had run in. However, we finished and we were a little made about it. I talked about how you have to get a little made at being unhealthy to run down the dream of health because it never comes to you while you are standing still. You have to run, or bike or swim…something to it. You also have to make good food choices along the way. That seems like a lifetime ago.
This week I am closer to 330 than I am 230 and I am on blood pressure meds and gout meds. I have been a little upset about it, but not mad. Last night I kind of got mad. Angry that my friends were talking about doing a big bike ride and they were standing just beside me, but not including me in their conversation. They know I am not in good enough shape to bike 40 miles. I am not that person that ran down the dream of good health. I have been busy running down educational dreams and career dreams and family dreams, neglecting my health and weight. I am not mad at my friends for talking about it in front of me, I am mad at me for allowing this to happen.
Five or so years ago when I started my diet I did so because I did not want my best to be behind me. Meaning that I did not want the peak of my athletic and health goals to be the glory days of high school football, I wanted more. A short 5 years later (including a new city and two years of law school) later, my glory days are still behind me, just a little more recent past. I ran two marathons, three triathlons, and numerous other races, but I am only in good enough shape to talk about those things with my friends, not actually do them. That sucks.
The bulk of my weight loss came from the HMR program, and it did help me get the weight off quickly, but I don’t think I can do that again. I am combining concepts from many previous diets into a new healthier eating plan. The pillars of my new plan are 1) Limited Choices (I am shopping for a breakfast and lunch meal of the week. 2) Portions (I am making dinners that include a small protein a carb and vegetables) 3) Simplicity (nothing fancy) and finally 4) Daily exercise (probably no triathlon coming anytime soon, but perhaps some running races.
I am 35 and should be in pretty good health. I have no major knee, hip, or back problems. The only thing that stands between me and my health goals is disciplining me to plan meals and carve out the time to exercise. It is no surprise that this is not happening while I carry on doing the same old thing. It is time to start another journey and run down this dream before it runs out of sight.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Long Update

It has been some time since my last update, but it has been a great time. We went on vacation a couple of weeks ago to Seagrove Florida. Seagrove is along the famous 30-A on the other side of Seaside from Destin. We love the area, and I have to say that it was the best weather ever for vacation. The humidity was low the water was perfect, more calm and clear than I have seen in the 12 years we have been going. We had a wonderful time and celebrated Kim's birthday while we were there.

The end of the summer is here. Orientation starts next week and I have become somewhat reflective of my time with the girls this summer. I am not sure that I have ever felt so under qualified and over matched as I have been this summer. Not that it has not been a blast, but I had hoped to really savor each moment, but spent most of the day just trying to survive and keep them from hurting themselves or each other. I had grand visions of reading time, craft time, library trips, and just overall smooth days, what I got was a messy house and a lot of trips to the pool. But each week there was at least one moment, a golden nugget of time that both girls were at peace and I was able to be in the moment, and we just had fun, either wrestling or just having them share my lap while we watched Barbie and whatever her latest adventure was, or another episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Overall I wouldn't trade it for the anything.

School starts a week from today. I am as ready as I can be. Everyone says that law school is a lot of work and pressure and I am sure it is, but I think I am putting more pressure on myself than anything else. Since I am starting so much later in life than most I feel I have a lot of ground to make up. I don't want to just go to law school, I want to do REALLY well at law school. I am not sure that I would work for a big firm, but I want to do well enough to have lots of choices when I graduate, and I know this first semester goes along way in sitting the pace. I will try to keep the blog somewhat updated during school, but no promises.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Under a Month

Orientation for law school starts Aug 12. I am not quite at peace about it, but I am feeling pretty good. I am trying to really enjoy the calm before the storm. It is hard to believe my time as a stay-at-home dad is almost over. I sat out on the deck with Kiley a couple of nights ago listening to the crickets while Kim tucked Robyn in. We talked about how much fun we have had this summer and I was trying to prepare her a little for when school starts for both of us, and how things would change a little bit. I was working on getting her excited about her school starting and I think she is more excited about just being around other kids her age, and not her little sister all the time. I think my biggest fear about law school, especially after this summer and knowing my tendency to be an extremist at whatever I do, is that I will balance life and not let these next three years of their lives slip away and not even realize it.

On a related note, our annual trip to Florida is next week. We leave Monday for a week in Seagrove, which is just outside Destin on 30-A. We usually go with Kim's family, but his year they are not going with us, just us and the sitter we are taking along so we can go out a couple of nights. We had considered not going this year but we decided it might be our last real vacation for the next few years. As matter of fact I was talking to my neighbor, who is a partner at the Rose Firm here in little Rock about it a couple of weeks ago. I was kind of probing him for information, they had just gotten back from vacation and I was telling him I was excited about our upcoming vacation, but that I was afraid it would be our last one for the next three years, with school and clerkships and all. I was really expecting him to say something like, don't worry you will find time to get away, or I am sure you can work in a vacation, but his response was not near as positive as I had hoped. He said, "Don't worry, if Kim is anything like my wife, they won't have any problem going on vacation without you." I am really going to soak up my vacation next week.